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Expedition Innovation

On the trail in Silicon Valley

What makes companies like Google, Facebook, etc., different from the others? From the Wild West to the Virtual West…  


„Gerriet Danz
builds courage,
breaks rules“

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„Gerriet Danz explains,
what really

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Lectures by Gerriet Danz are the perfect dose of motivation for your event. Scientifically sound, humorous, interactive, inspiring – as inspirational as they are informative. Stimulating, they provide your employees and participants, customers and colleagues with directly implementable ideas and incentives. Exciting and humorously presented, peppered with a variety of international case studies from the world of innovation… 


Best rating for keynote

At the “Quality Day” for the Saxony Tourism Association. Organizer, Dominic Weis: “…from 130 participants, the event received a total rating of 1.8. You contributed significantly to this result with your lecture, which received a score of 1.32. Thanks a lot for this!”  

Innovation and creativity

have been Gerriet Danz’s focus for decades, as an entrepreneur, speaker, coach and consultant. With his keynotes, the motivational speaker brings excitement to events of every kind: whether congresses, conferences or kick-offs. His lectures are stimulating and inspirational in the context of road shows, as well as at conventions, sales meetings, and management meetings.

The result: motivation and real stimulation for your business – in management, leadership, purchasing, sales and marketing. In recent years, Gerriet Danz has held the following keynotes as an expert, speaker, orator, and consultant.

Innovation reporter, author, and university lecturer

As a best-selling author, blogger and lecturer at the Managementschool St. Gallen, Gerriet Danz examines in his lectures and keynotes the conditions under which people can think outside of the box and innovate. 

Innovation Lecture 01

From Unconventional Thoughts to Unconventional Actions

How ideas become innovations

Innovation Lecture 02

Innovation Excellence

Breaking through mental blocks – made easy

Innovation Lecture 05

Developing Country D

What we can learn from unconventional African thinkers in Developing Country D

Innovation Lecture 03

Don’t Rest on Those Laurels!

Why market leaders are afraid of innovation and, therefore, die faster

Innovation Lecture 06

Become the King of New-land!

Adorn your business with fresh ideas

Innovation Lecture 08

New vs. Old

The only world champion innovator is the one who’s constantly questioning himself

Innovation Lecture 04

Death on the Throne!

Success makes you sleepy and prevents innovation

Innovation Lecture 07

Rock Your Innovation!

What companies can learn from rock stars

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