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He shakes you awake

Innovation is not a can but a must. If half of all jobs disappear within the next two decades (according to a Swedish study), there is a need for each individual to think anew!

He pointedly reflects

‘The New’ often has a hard time. Like a virus, it affects a company’s defense mechanisms. Sound familiar? Gerriet Danz shows the most popular defense strategies and how you can dissolve them into thin air.

He thinks and lives globally

You will get first-hand insights that Gerriet Danz has brought with him from his travels to the centers of innovation on this planet. Gerriet Danz blogged live from Silicon Valley for the Hamburger Abendblatt and Huffington Post. He prepares these findings in a tailor-made manner for your colleagues, employees and customers.

He talks creatively

When it comes to innovation, the lecture must also offer new dimensions. As the inventor of the KREATORIK©-Method, Gerriet Danz himself uses this technique, thereby ensuring that innovation is not strictly serious — but also great fun!

He offers more

The value-added lectures by Gerriet Danz offer, logically: more value! Find out here exactly what that means.

Value-added lectures

Value-added lectures


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