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As a best-selling author and lecturer at the Managementschool St. Gallen, Gerriet Danz examines in his lectures and keynotes the conditions under which people can think outside of the box and innovate. In Silicon Valley, he explored the prerequisites for how one can find a new path – past the thoughts and habits that stand as obstacles. As the developer of the KREATORIK© innovation technique, Gerriet Danz motivates, fosters courage, breaks patterns and inspires new thinking.

The foundation to accomplish this was laid when Gerriet Danz served as Creative Director of the international advertising company BBDO. In this leadership role, he supported global, as well as national blue chip companies in developing and communicating innovations. After an intermediate period as a developer and author of innovative television formats, and as a TV presenter (Spiegel TV, VOX News, Jeopardy), he decided to pass on his knowledge as an entrepreneur, coach, speaker, and author.

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Gerriet Danz
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As an innovation reporter for the Hamburger Abendblatt and Huffington Post, he blogs about his travels to Silicon Valley – where he explores the success factors of Facebook, Google and other such companies – showing the opportunities for local companies to profit from this type of innovation culture. Gerriet Danz is a lecturer for the ARD.ZDF medien akademie, Managementschool St. Gallen and winner of the CONGA Award in the category “Speakers & Trainers.” As a member of the German Speakers Association (GSA), he is committed to the next generation of speakers.

He is a member of the Speakers Excellence “Top 100 Speakers” and networks internationally through the Global Speakers Federation (GSF), based in Toronto.


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