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First Inspiration, then Innovation

Lectures by Gerriet Danz are the perfect dose of motivation for your event. Scientifically sound, humorous, interactive, inspiring – as inspirational as they are informative. Stimulating, they provide your employees and participants, customers and colleagues with directly implementable ideas and incentives. Exciting and humorously presented, peppered with a variety of international case studies from the world of innovation, creativity and ideas.

Whether you are looking for a highlight for your next kick-off event, your employee event, management event, your congress, customer event, sales meeting, or association meeting.

Tailored according to your needs and wishes, speaker and top-orator Gerriet Danz offers the following lectures.


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Expedition Innovation

The success strategies of the rule breakers of Silicon Valley!

What can SMEs learn from Facebook, Google, and Apple? How can corporations profit from the strategies of fast-paced startups? Gerriet Danz has looked around Silicon Valley, talked to renowned innovation experts and researched the success strategies of international innovation leaders. An inspirational innovation travel report with many practical examples of what hinders and what inspires innovations.


Why do you gain creditworthiness on the U.S. West Coast as a failed entrepreneur? What role does a little red box play in the pursuit of new ideas? And why are questions the best answers when companies need to be innovative?
Join him on his tour to innovation!

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Utopia Creates Sales!

Success – beyond 8/15

Former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt once said, “Anyone who has visions should see a doctor.” Today, if you don’t have visions, you should see an undertaker. “Innovate or die” means: there’s no alternative to continuous innovation. Learn why business models must be regularly questioned, why market leaders are in danger of missing the train to the future and why brainstorming radical ideas is a must – and not just a nice option.


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Fail! Prevail! The Grail!

Why mistakes lead to innovations.

If you fall 3000 times, you learn to walk. The one who labors for 10,000 hours on the violin, plays like a virtuoso. Failure means learning, and getting better. Unfortunately, not in business. There, you’re fired for mistakes, rather than celebrated.


Making mistakes and learning from them is one of the laws of nature: 99 percent of all creatures on this planet have failed massively, meaning, they’ve gone extinct so that new life could arise. In this same way, failed projects lead to world successes. Get to know well-known international companies in which failure is rewarded with awards, an alarm is triggered if no mistakes happen, and failed projects receive a memorial. A culture that invites imitation.

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